The next generation of EBKs is almost here!!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Gosh, it seems like it's taken forever, but I just finished bead blasting handles, and applying a single coat of Tru-Oil. Provided my body cooperates, a couple days of building kydex sheaths....and they should be ready to go! Stay Tuned!



"The Montana Bladesmith"
I did that to see if people would like it (the orange/black). Traditionally, the EBKs have always been Blue/Black.....but what the hey.... a new generation.... maybe some new colors! :)

J. Doyle

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Were all the previous EBK's black and blue scales? I guess I never noticed that.

Yeah, I'm betting that orange/black will be popular.


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Get 'em out quick, folks are out in the deer woods;), a couple blaze kydex sheaths might make for a nice pairing. You have some fancy looking wood shaping up in the back row.