The New Silent Soldier Neck Knife! - First Brous Blades Production Model


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Ladies and Gentlemen, The time is here!, I have been patiently waiting to release the first Brous Blades Production knife! We are VERY excited to get this product in your hands for your new every day carry blade. I personally have been using the new Silent Soldier prototype everyday for the past 8 months and it has performed way beyond my expectations. So we decided to empty our life savings into producing 500 Silent Soldiers to share with the world. Our entire reputation is on the line and our confidence is through the roof, I've said it before and Ill say it again, we will put this knife up against any neck knife in the industry.

The Silent Soldier comes with a handmade Kydex sheath with 2 1/2 feet of 1/8 steel ball chain and a latch. Each knife is made to securely snap in place and lock tight in the sheath.

Concerned about the legality of this knife in your area? We have a solution! We have designed a black plastic plug to press fit in the back hole. Although its never intended to apply both fingers in each hole simultaneously, One open hole is acceptable in all states. The plug is no extra charge, simply request it with your Paypal payment.

We appreciate the support, If your interested in more information about the Silent Soldier, please visit our website