The New Shop... finally up and running again!

J. Neilson

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Hello all,
I want to apologize for my recent delay in responses to e-mail and phone calls. As many of you know I have been working to build a new shop for about the past 7 months. Well, it’s finally done and tomorrow I will fire up the forges and start the grinders, once I finish up my e-mail replies tonight and tomorrow morning. ; )

This is a big change from the old bank barn and milk house with the office up at the house. I put up a 30’ x 40’ metal pole barn and added spray foam insulation and gypsum board for the walls and I have a double foil ceiling that will last me at least a few years or so before I fork out for a metal one. My original shop was set up as a “hobby” shop, this one is set up like a pro.


Here is the outside where I set up my old antique sharpening/wheel (no, I’m not using it) and my wife, Beckie, was nice enough to get me a nice park bench for coffee and phone call on nice mornings.


Here is the view from the front door. Main work bench, drill presses, etc. on the right and I even have room to expand. I’m going to need a few more tools if I’m going to start doing some folder work after I take Joe’s class.


View from the back corner opposite the front door.... I love my new fans, the upright and exhaust... both 30” and powerful!


Here is the forge and heat treat area. Looks pretty now... just give me a couple weeks. ; )


I lifted the press up about 8” so I won’t have to bend so much.... getting old is a pain. LOL


Here is my oven, Kydex and chemical bench. This will be where I do my acid and antiquing work, heat molded sheaths, etc.


Here’s my grinder area. I’ve got my 3 2” x 72” grinders (with room for another horizontal version in the future) and my disc and 1” x 42” on the next bench with my wood and metal band saws behind them. I also made a quick belt rack so I can move around the grinders more efficiently.


Can't forget my rotary tool, mini-mill and my Chuck Ward knife makers vise, of course.


Here is the office, in the back corner of the building and all sealed up to prevent as much shop dust from getting in.


Here is the other side of the office where I have my photo set-up and all of my shipping and show supplies.

Over all, I have more room to work and have things arrange for efficiency as well as room to expand and way better lighting. Everyone said I was working in a cave before. Again, I apologize for the recent delays in my responses but, everything is going back to business as usual tomorrow and all of the orders coming up for completion will be on time ore as close as I can humanly make it so. Thank you again to everyone, your the ones that made this possible.


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Excellent looking shop! To bad we live so far apart, I have a few work benches and lots of sheveling that I will give you a great deal on. LOL.

J. Neilson

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Excellent looking shop! To bad we live so far apart, I have a few work benches and lots of sheveling that I will give you a great deal on. LOL.

Yeah, but, that shipping would be a b**ch. It was bad enough moving all this stuff 20 miles up the road. LOL


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Looks great! I'm with Laurence to bad we live so far apart but instead of trying to give you stuff I'd just want to hang out in there . And when my wife kicks me out sleep there lol.


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Beautiful looking shop. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that shop. Looks really really nice!

Dennis Morland

Very nice shop. I think most of us on here would love to have a place like this. It just screams -"come on in, let's make knives". Give it a couple of months to build up some grit and grime.

For me, looking at the pictures was like . . . Where is Waldo. I kept looking for all of the good secrets.

Congratulations on the new digs.


J. Neilson

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Thanks guys. The wife actually suggested doing a hammer-in here next year, once everything is nice and broken in.