The New Blade Invention!: The Electroluminescent Knife, Machete, & Sword.


A message from the team's Engineer:
"Hi guys,

As the Engineer of this product i have hands on experience with the device.

I must say it's finding its own uses as new inventions do. its a knife with an aura.

The biggest use i must say is that it can be used without holding a torch at night time leaving your other hand free.

it's not a direct light but it is an aura therefore it doesn't matter which orientation you hold the knife it still lights up the whole room.

i made this product 3 days ago and continuing to find new uses apart from the obvious.

I have spoken with many knife users and their main concerns were sharpening the blade with the coating.

i have come up with other ways of implementing the light panels some say you don't even need the light on the knife why not on the handle.

Before answering the following remember this is about having a usable aura around a knife that is used in very adverse conditions.

Where would you like to see this product go ? what features and applications would you like to see?

i foresee the use in many low visibility areas etc under water / Fog / Smoke / Low light Features the unit has :It can strobe and it is disorienting. It can be artistic.Built in usb rechargeable battery pack .Bluetooth control(Sos mode)(custom flashes etc)."


I see absolutely no use for this contraption. You are right about one thing, it would be disorienting--for the operator. I have no idea who could possibly want something like this. Turn it on and there goes your night vision. I'm not trying to be cruel, but where you should go with this is back to the design table, and forget about trying to produce something that would effectively blind the operator when it was turned off.


I will say, that I am not an engineer, but I know that what you need at night is a directional light, and you could achieve that with an led in the handle for pennies. That said, what is your price point? If it's over $20 I think you are in trouble. Your idea is just too much of a gimmick. Beside that, I don't see a knife there. What does that look like? I'm sure that technology is useful, but definatly not on a knife.
I think you may be pleasantly surprised when handling the finished prototype. However I do appreciate your regards as they are aligned with some of our concerns which are being addressed.

Drew Riley

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Practicality/usefulness aside, if you want to sell a product, I'd invest some more time into better photos and videos. From the most recent video posted, it's hard to tell what I'm even looking at. Is it a knife, or an LED inspection wand? Does it light up a room, or just a camera lens? I looks like it's pretty bright, but that doesn't mean it has any throw or flood capabilities, and from the cell phone video, you really can't see much of anything.

I notice you still have the MS Paint models listed... why not photograph the proto-type in the video?
ARCustomKnives We are hesitant to fully showcase our prototype model on camera/video as I think its perfect for our intended purpose... We didn't want to showcase the knife any further to conceal technical details not yet enclosed in the handle.

Justin.schmidt23 We once posted about this earlier... Just updating the KnifeDogs crew and cast with our demo video.

Topcraft Pricing strategies can be seen on the KS campaign... We are working to get the price point as low as possible. ($250)


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This has already been posted on KD..... and as before, at best it's a novelty. I've already sent a PM to Tracy, telling him that what I consider a "troll" is back.


And I third it (if that's possible). For his sake, I hope he is a troll, and that this is nothing but a joke. If he is serious about this, I feel kinda sorry for him.


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I will fourth it!? Secretly I holding out on somebody inventing steel that I could make a LOTR Sting blade out of!:rolleyes:

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Electro Luminescent paint has been around for awhile. I don't think this is a great or even good application but I'm interested to see where it lands.

The guy is swinging for the bleachers. Let's not bully him on this.