The fourth

Doug Lester

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Prayers for those who were shot an their families up by Chicago. Other than that stay reasonably sober, eat well, and enjoy the fireworks.



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Prayers, indeed, Doug!

Highland Park IL is about 15 miles south of me. A couple of my MDs live there and a number of old work friends. WTF is with people? Hate, hate, hate. Sick.

52 Ford

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Happy 4th to everyone, you too Bruce. it was 100 degrees at my place today but I did some target shooting with my new flintlock today so that was fun, not much in the way of fireworks out where I'm at.
Ahhh... a flintlock! Tell me more!

Edit: I thought about it - I don't own a flintlock... OR a matchlock! Gotta a couple things to add to the shopping list :)

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