The Coachman Pistol

Bruce Bump

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This is one I just finished for the ICCE "International Custom Cutlery Exposition" in Kansas City Missouri next weekend.

I was asked to do a one hour presentation on "Cut N Shoots" for the American Bladesmith Society. Its cool they are accepting pistol/knife combinations or aka Cut N Shoot pieces and actually promoting them as they are known for the forged blade.

I have 192 pictures for the slide show with is more like a WIP thread. I should put them here after the show perhaps.

Here is the finished piece.

22 caliber black powder muzzleloading pistol with a mosaic damascus folding blade. My first time using mother of pearl.
Engraving by Jere Davidson
Checkering by Gary Goudy



Artistically crafted!

Truly a collectable piece that would greatly enhance any collection.

Crafted with great attention to details.

Calvin Robinson

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Awe Bruce! What an awesome piece! I can't wait to see this at the show,I may skip the Guild business meeting and go to your seminar.:biggrin:

Dennis Morland

That is awesome! At first I thought it had two (2) triggers. Then I realized the front one is the striker. I do not know hat else to say. . . amazing.

You are a true master Mr. Bump.



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Wow! That's amazing! Can't believe you've never worked mop before. Doing pieces like this I'd have figured you would have used a ton of it by now. Can't wait to see the other pics.


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Checkering MOP?? That is awesome! the whole thing is awesome! Bruce - your artistic abilities just continue to amaze me. Sure wish I was to be there to see the seminar. Looking forward to the WIP if you do decide to post photos. Please, pretty please?

Ken H>


That's a dandy, Bruce. As always, I love your material choices and execution. I really am looking forward to your WIP on this build. Good luck in KC.

kevin - the professor

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We have never met. So, I gotta tell you this here - your threads have given me a tremendous amount of pleasure, relaxation, technique, and inspiration. I think I will probably make a pistol some day, and it will be your work that pushed me over that cliff. Of course, right now, I am waiting until I can get my financial ducks in a row (or even on the same pond) so I can get my new shop-to-be wired. Then, I can actually make things again.

Until then, I revisit your old threads and learn, and dream.

thank you.