The best peice of wood


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What is the best piece of wood you have ever had the pleasure of putting on a knife?

Ill start, Redwood burl supplied by burlsource.

Pictures welcomed!


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White Teak Burl that was a gift from Rex - NICE stuff! Wife claimed ALL of it for her knives.




Photo doesn't do it justice...

Redwood Burl from Pop's. I visited his place back in 2011 and got about 15 awesome pieces and scale sets from him. I was like a kid in a candy store. Need to go visit him again. He's got stuff he doesn't even remember where he got it. Wife said she would not let me go alone!


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Many different woods on different knives and there is so much variation that some abundant renewable & common woods can be amazing after stabilization.
California Buckeye comes to mind first, Maple in all of it's variations and Red flame ash, plus many more

Doug Timbs

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The very best I've used would be a piece of Honduras Rosewood burl. But a nice piece of Gidgee is hard to beat.



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I still cant get over buckeye. I used g10 for my first few then I got some buckeye burl and haven't used g10 much since then. Natural material has such an amazing beauty to it.

Brad Lilly

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common woods can be amazing after stabilization
I find I'm drawn to plain old figured maple burl. It may sound boring but I think it looks great. Maple is very common around here