The basics,2+2.

Calvin Robinson

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The very basics of math are 2+2=4.
The very basics of understanding the problem with mankind are Genesis chapter 3 (The fall of mankind) and Romans chapter 3 (The cure for it).
I agree with Les Feldick that UNDERSTANDING these two chapters in the Bible are the very basics of the Christian faith,they must be learned and understood before going on to a higher learning and understanding just as 2+2=4 must be learned and understood before moving on to higher learning and understanding of math.
Take the time to read these two Bible chapters in that order and see if you agree with Les and me.

Raymond Richard

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I just got back from Little Rock yesterday. Still recuperating from that plus I have a Bible Study tonight I will be going to. I'll let you know what I think in a day or two. Don't let me forget.........