The Apache

Les George

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We have this guy staying with us while we find him a home. On of my wife's friends snagged him off the street, and named him Apache. He's gonna make someone a great dog!

We have had him almost 2 months now and we have got him all UTD on shots and Nutered (that was quite an ordeal for him and us!).

He's got a pretty great nature, and loves to play with out border collie and also likes to lay on feet while you sit in a chair. That has been working out pretty well since its pretty much the dead of winter here (you know like 45deg).

We have been looking for a home for him since we are about at critical dog mass around here. My wife drove him all the way to Austin yesterday, only to have the dog that was already at the place not like him. So if anyone is looking for a good lookin dog, we got one for ya!

I think hes a Sheppard mix of some kind and my wife thinks that he's part grey hound, based on how he moves and there is a brindle grey hound....
What do you guys think?