The advantages of Three Point Grinding.

Fred Rowe

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Three point grinding, where you have not two but three points of control is easy to master. Three point grinding, with the Bubble Jig attached, makes for very stable grinding with the result of having only one plane on the bevel surface, instead of a few, along with equal plunge cuts.
With three point grinding the idea is to stay loose. The control is in your hands and not in your frame. If you can imagine grinding in a relaxed state, thats what this is.

The blade being ground in the video is 20 inches long. Even with a blade this long its possible to keep the blade aligned all the way from plunge to tip.
Using the Bubble Jig grinding system you can work anywhere on the blade surface and be assured you are working at the same angle anywhere along the length of the blade.

The blade being ground in the video will end up as a 24 inch Scottish dirk from the 1400's.