Thai Integral Enep by Ampan Phonyangnok


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Integral Enep by Ampan Phonyangnok – Thailand

Ampan is one of the best knifemakers in Thailand today.

By now many knife enthusiasts know what an Enep is, but just in case it is a traditional multipurpose Thai blade that is still carried in some parts of thailand today (I saw that for myself :D). it is a chopper/bush knife and can be awesome for martial arts that utilize blade heavy style (like Kali)
This beautiful blade is not to be taken lightly.
  • Steel: 52100 9″blade
  • Handle and scabbard: striped paduk wood
$520 + shipping (ships from Georgia)



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hey Kevin

sorry never got the email notification, thisis not actually a spacer, it is weaved over the handle. if you would like to know anything else about the blade please let me know :)