Thai E-Nep from Lampang Province, Thailand.

Discussion in 'Asian Edge' started by ThaiKnife, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. ThaiKnife

    ThaiKnife Member


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  2. rhinoknives

    rhinoknives Well-Known Member

    I love those ethnic blades from southeast asia. All business with a little shine!
  3. Denny Eller

    Denny Eller Well-Known Member

    dii maak, krab!
  4. GHEzell

    GHEzell Well-Known Member

    Beautiful! I think this is the first I've seen with a guard.
  5. BonhamBlades

    BonhamBlades Well-Known Member

    Love the sheath.
  6. Gary Miller

    Gary Miller Well-Known Member

    Very nice.
  7. Gary Miller

    Gary Miller Well-Known Member

    but i just thought about it . these are the only e-neps i ever saw with guards. they look good. just some thing new.
  8. kevin - the professor

    kevin - the professor Well-Known Member

    nothing wrong with those guards. I don't remember seeing any with separate guards, either. Still, that is not a criticism. The leaf shape of the blade is just right. Looks really useful. On those, was the tip or the heel of the blade used for finer work?

    good work!
  9. Wayne Mitchell

    Wayne Mitchell New Member

    I am going to have to learn how to build those wooden sheaths. Very nice

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