Tell me about the God who is!

Simple format... Name an attribute of God that is special to you, 1 per post please, show us in the Bible where to find that attribute and then give us a personal testimony of why that one matters to you / how God has proven to be that to you.

SO Example: Jesus is Better...

I know, that isn't a word we focus on very often, and honestly have trouble with saying out loud. It sounds arrogant...

But this is the Message of Hebrews. Jesus is better than the angels, Moses, the High Priests, Sacrifices... better than EVERYTHING!

I have found this true in my life. I chased fame through sports, making it to the top of many tournaments, getting the pats on the back, getting a D1 scholarship. And 2 days latter, no one remembers. Add to that health. To wrestle at that level is to live at 3% body fat, to run miles upon miles, to eat healthy & sleep smart... &... & what? because no one noticed & in the end I'm still going to die just like everyone else. I have tried relationships... friends, family, I have the greatest wife in the world. She is pure gold and has walked with me through everything we promise in our wedding vows. I have 8 wonderful kids, from 2 years old to 19, each of whom I love. But the old African song is still true "de man o' de world he go let you down, but Jesus never fails!" I've been a good religious boy. I know the songs, when to sit, when to stand, how to pray in public... I know how to be good for goodness sake. Santa clause always loved me. The words of the preacher in Ecclesiastes still ring true... it was vanity. I like toys, and I've tried to accumulate a bunch. I have a knife collection, a few guns, a couple of IH Scouts and a few other things that are important to me... most of which were SURE to make me happy! Happy forever! And before my check clears I'm back on Craigslist looking for... well for that thing that is going to make me happy. Meaningless, like chasing the wind.

In contrast, I have found Jesus to be better. He is better than worldly fame. I would rather know Jesus and be forgotten by the world than to have my name in the NY City lights. He is better than money, treasures & toys. He does not rot. No one can steal Him away from me. He doesn't fade away as I get older. No virus can rob Him from me. Jesus is better... He never fails me. There is no empty activity with out hope. He is better then pleasure, better than people, better than religion, better than religious leaders, better than drugs! For me, I have chased enough of this life to know what the world has to offer ... and how it falls apart. And I know my Jesus. He gives me purpose. He gives me joy! He is teaching me how to love and be patient. He is wise and passes it on. Jesus is better!

How about you, what is your testimony? Who is God & what has He done for you?

God Bless,

Calvin Robinson

Moderator Christian Forum
Thank you Dakota for posting this. Much of that applies to me except the sports part ,I was fortunate to be born with no athletic ability. I'll try to post something if my own here when I'm rested up and have time. I'm looking forward to seeing what other Christian brothers post.