Tantos, big and less big


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In amongst other blades, I continue to play around with tantos with varying degrees of traditional/non-traditional profiles. These are some of the more recent ones. All of 'em are forged from 5160 with paracord over neoprene wrapped handles impregnated with marine epoxy. Also, Kydex.

First off, my donation this year for Knife Rights' Ultimate Steel fundraiser. Like I told Doug Ritter the other day at the Gathering, I would rather sweat in the humidity and feed mosquitos in my shop than deal with the lawyers and politicians he does. My wife is a registered nurse and I feel much the way about her job; I would never be able to or want to do it, but I am very grateful that there are people who can and will.

And, of course, they have professional photographers that do much better than I could hope to. Off the top of my head, I want to say this was about a 13" blade.

Next up are Abbott and Costello, forged for the Gathering show. They were forged from the same size starting stock, which I did not measure before starting. Costello came first, shorter and fatter with a 12" long blade and 17 7/8" overall length. Next was Abbott, longer and skinnier with a 15" blade and 20 7/8" overall length.

Abbott has more power hammer texture than I usually leave, similar to the chubby kwaiken I did for the Blade Show. Both of these have beefy handles from me using thicker neoprene for the foundation than I usually do. Playing around with different ways of building 'em. Abbott and Costello are both stout suckers.

And the smallest of this round, dubbed the "Mean Little Sucker". It's narrow, pointy, and really wants to be all stabbity stabbity. It was a bit scary to work on even before there was any kind of cutting edge on it. Gotta keep an eye on the tip. Blade length is 7", overall is 12 3/4".