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Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by One Armed, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. One Armed

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    This is going to be interesting. I decided in December, to start preparing myself to make frame lock folders. Something I thought was out of reach the last few years, now seems like, well.....just the next step! I've been researching for almost a months now. Learning, planning and now gathering the tooling I need. I have had my Mini Mill for a couple weeks now, and have been teaching myself to use it. I finally downloaded a CAD program, and have been playing with it for almost a month as well. BOY, I should have been doing everything in CAD years ago! Instead of sketching my design. But that's another topic.

    So I have designed what I think, is a very attractive looking folder. And I am really looking forward to FINALLY finishing folder blades in CPM20CV. I started using this steel 4 years ago for all my chef and wet use knives, and it is truly a "SUPER STEEL". Hands down the BEST steel for small & extended wet use blades. (Chefs/prep knives, fishing knives). Brad at Peters does a "MAGICAL" heat treat on it, and my 3V blades.

    Anyway, I have had a replacement blade one of my Benchmade folders for over a year now. Just haven't gotten around to sending it to Brad. So I am excited to start this chapter. As I said, I have a design, but I'm going to keep it under wraps for the time being. Only certain people have seen it, KenH being one. Although I don't care if someone wants to copy my work(in fact, I find it a compliment), I DO wish to make MY design first! And this is going to take me sone time. Budget being one. Disabled & in pain every day, and having only one arm to use being another. LOL! :D

    But I will bring it home. After my accident, when I finally got my head out of arse and quit the pity party, I decided to build another 1911-the one I've built. Although I was confident, I figured it would take some time. After all, I had BOTH arms to build the first one..and it took me 3 months! After the first couple days, I was planning on it taking a year. But hey, as long as I could finish it, that was fine by me. Five weeks later it was finished, and I knew then that God had blessed me with something special. And I could do anything I set out to! But I digress.

    So wish me luck, and I'll keep you all up to date.
  2. Cojab

    Cojab Well-Known Member

    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  3. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    Hope it goes well. Cant wait to see it....not even a sneak peek :rolleyes:
    I have only made one frame lock with another on my bench about 3/4 done they are fun and frustrating all at once.
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  4. KenH

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    Sounds like a winner - the design peak you gave me sure looks good. Also, a GREAT job on repurposing that 1x30 into the 1x42 horizontal grinder {g}
  5. One Armed

    One Armed Member

    Thanks Ken. The design has actually been through 9 iterations now! Mostly like what I showed you, but several things addressed which I felt was correct. It's a cleaner design now. I can't wait.

    I'll be showing off the 1x42", horizontal "junk build" when it is closer to finished. And I'll do another video.
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  6. Johan Nel

    Johan Nel Well-Known Member

    I believe you will do it. You are overcoming barriers in the process as well. Best of luck! I am keeping on the lookout for your posts on the progress.

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