Super glue handle finish


I've been making knives as a hobby for a few years now, slowly getting better; mostly just enjoying myself in the shop during Covid.
I have a campknife that I'm in the process of putting a super glue finish on, but Im using a Slo-Zap CA glue that I picked up at a hobby store. The glue is quite thick, Im hoping that will speed up the building up of the layers process, but I didn't think the glue would dry this slow! its taking overnight for one coat. I see that I can buy Zap Kicker CA accelerant to speed up the curing.
Has anyone used this? I hoping that I haven't made a huge mistake.


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Hi thomster. I have not used that particular brand, but I have tried doing a CA finish using medium and thick formulas. They were more work than using very thin CA. The thin sets very fast without the need for accelerant. Pretty much the moisture from your breath will start the set.
CA is a moisture cure glue, so you might take a chance and try some water in a inconspicuous spot. You’re going to have to sand the glue anyway.
I have read that thick coatings hit with the accelerator will turn hazy or white-ish. And, a thick finish does crack.
If you’re gonna have to wait overnight, might as well use something better.
Good luck with it.


OK, thanks for the advice! I agree the thin CA sets up really fast, but can take quite a while to get it thick enough to sand. if the thick stuff it takes over-night or cracks, that's not a time saver at all.