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Here's a couple new pieces that are a bit on the strange side. My first attempt at a half integral. The blade was forged from 3/4" round 6150. From where the blade comes out of the handle its 5 1/4", and about 9 1/2" long overall. I used a deer crown for the handle that I dyed and sealed.

The fatter knife has a blade forged from what I think is John Deere drive shaft steel. Its 5160 but a better grade. Its got a 4 1/4" blade, a wrought iron fitting, and another crown that I also colored and sealed. I actually made it as a sub tang. I used a piece of iron telegraph wire for the pin. :D This knife is around 8 1/2" over all. Both have my two ply sheaths.


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Beautiful work!!! I do have a question, why do you call it a half intregal? Is it because the butt cap isn't the same piece? That is about the only way I can think it wouldn't be a whole integral. Either way incredible blades and the sheaths are S-W-E-E-T!!! Looks like a lot of hours went into all 4 pieces! Especially the sheaths, while I'm sure the blade work took plenty of time, that aint work in my book, the leather on the other hand is a PITA!!!! I'm trying to embrace it, to accept it's a part of making a knife. That is what I keep telling myself, over and over and...

You use a lot wrought iron I'd like to ask where you find so much of it? I'm in Central Alabama, and I haven't come across any of it around here...I have seen what looks like old wagon wheels in my neighbors yard.....hmmmm...
Watching for more, Rex