Storing Parks 50 Question


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First, I would like to thank everybody that has contributed so much knowledge to this forum. It has helped me tons! Many thanks. Now for my question.

I use Parks 50 to quench my 1095 and W2. Is there any harm to storing the parks in a plastic bucket compared to the metal one? I know its a silly question but its expensive and hard to find.



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Mine came in a plastic bucket (and still is).... as long as it has a good seal on the top it should be fine.

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Just as an aside, while storing in plastic may not be a problem, quenching in plastic definitely can be. It only takes a slight touch for a hot blade to go right through the pail and... well, you can visualize. :-(



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I transferred my P50 to a steel 5 gallon bucket with a steel lid. I quench in this also. When I'm done, I just put the lid back on until I HT again.