Les George

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I'm sure one day we will get to call him Big Stan, but not just yet...

So Bianca and I went down to the city animal control, to look at a particular dog and if nothing else we where gonna sponsor the adoption fees for a couple dogs....

well this guy rounded the corner on a leash, just coming from getting his shots. My wife leaned over to pet him as he went by and this guy leaned into her like a long lost buddy. Right then I knew what was gonna happen... That was yesterday. These pics are from then.

he was picked up as a stray, right out from of animal control. Obviously he has been on the street for a while.

Hes got a lot of issues beyond just being skinny, more on all that later.

We start off with 30 min of tick removal.

Everyone seems to be getting along fine, after an initial bunch a noise...

since we got him from the shelter they had to fix the poor @@@@@@@ before he could go. Of course he has not been washed since they got him off the street, so now we have to wait a while more to really clean him up. I would have rather cleaned him up and got some meat on his bones first, but we are where we are.

He is also heart worm positive, so we get to deal with that right off.

Hes got more scars than me tail to nose. I knew we had to bail him out since everyone would just see a beat up dog and its a kill shelter.... I look at him and I can see the dog he was born to be and the dog he will be, with a little work.

hang in there Stan we got ya buddy!

more to follow

Les George

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Just got back from the vet, fortunately our vet is pretty awesome...

Stan weighed in at 52 pounds, the vet thinks he will double that (!)

he also thought him to be a GSD mix, we have one of those DNA kits we are gonna run on him just for kicks.

he had to get a shot for tape worms, which he really did not like. I was holding his head when the vet gave it, he kinda half ass tried to bite at me when he put the mess into him, but he was crying and scared mostly. Makes me feel good about his temperament he really was not into trying to hurt anyone...

After that he went to sleep on the exam table with his head on my arm, so I guess I was forgiven

today was day two on his road to recovery, it's been a good day.

thanks to all for your kind word


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You have found a soul partner for you and your wife.

He will fatten up soon and be a happy and healthy boy!
My wife just walked by as I was looking and said to say God Bless you and your wife.
He looks to be G. Shepardish and Pincher maybe? What matter's is his golden soul.

Keep us posted.


Les George

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Shepard / Doberman is what I would say, but some of the pics on line look a lot like he could be a short haired Shepard...Doesn't matter, just a mild point of interest...


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Good luck with your dog. I'm happy for all. I'm glad you took that dog into your family and gave hima a chance . They arecso worth it . God bless!

Denny Eller

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Wow, Les, I think you've found a diamond in the rough! His behavior at the vet sounds like all he needs is a little love, that I'm sure you and Bianca will give him. Thanks for being good people and giving this guy a second chance.