Stag and Wrought Iron

Dwane Oliver

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I made this med sized hunter for my brother in law to take to work, and show his coworkers , and hopefully get some orders :punk:

I really wanted the grain of the wrought iron to run with the handle, but the wagon wheel I had wasn't thick enough.
So I forged a piece down to about 1" square, rounded it, then drew it out to about the right sizes for the front and back of the handle.

Just an FYI , thin hidden tangs ( .110" ) are a PITA to make guards for , LOL Needle files need bigger handles.....

4" X .110" thick AB Damascus blade
8" OAL
Wrought Iron guard/bolster and butt cap
India Stag antler handle
Tooled leather sheath

Some pics of the wrought

And now of the knife

Thanks for looking