Stabilized or dyed wood

Hey everyone. I am looking for stabilized or dyed wood. Yes I have found a lot online and through supplier but I was looking for either great deals or unique and/or mind blowing pieces. Thanks in advance.


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Another vote for Gene, or Doug also has some really good woods. Ben Greenwood has some really NICE wood, but like all really good wood, it's got a price.

Dennis Morland

KD member, John Doyle, sells stabilized wood from time to time. I have purchased from him several times. Very easy/simple to deal with. Just send him a pm with what you are looking for - he usually has it or can get it. Another member, Gene Kimmi, has wood for sale most of the time, also.


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We have scale blocks on our website and will be adding more in the next couple of days.

Steve Kincaid