Stabilized Mammoth Ivory Scales - SOLD


Dealer - Purveyor
I am not a dealer/purveyor. I'm a retired knife maker clearing out materials.

This is a pair of stabilized rich brown Mammoth Ivory scales. They have not been polished so they should look better when done than what the photo shows. They are about 3 inches long X 1 1/4 inch wide and a minimum of 7/16ths thick in the center. They are actually longer - about 3 1/2 inches - but because of a spall at one end of one piece I'm calling them shorter. I don't have my grinders anymore but I feel like I could grind the piece and get the spall out. If you're handy with your grinder you probably could, too.

Asking $45 plus shipping ($8.30 in the U.S.) Payment by PayPal, please.