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Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by rick c, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. rick c

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    I came up with a way to square a guard slot with out using a file. It's easy and the corners are nice and sharp.I use a square rotary broach bit.I mill the slot with a 1/8" endmill. Then chuck the rotary bit in the mill,no power needed.Move the bit to the end of the slot and raise the bit. Move the table .002" and lower the bit.This shaves the radius out of the slot.Raise bit move table .002" and repeat. Keep doing this until slot is nice and square.Just the downward motion of the quil.

    I hope this helps,


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  2. backtines

    backtines Well-Known Member

    great idea !!
  3. cbr900son

    cbr900son Well-Known Member

    Cool trick. Where did you pick up your broach from?
  4. rick c

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    Polygon Solutions (239)628-4800.The stock sizes are $54.00 3/16" is .190" and will go through .400" stock.You can order custom sizes and they can be longer up to .800" for an extra $20.00 I think.

  5. Dan Pierson

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    What do you hold the broach with? The Polygon holders are $699!
  6. McClellan Made Blades

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    My first thought was, could this be done with a drill press? I'm assuming fine adjustments would be necessary. But if that would work using a drill press that could save lots of time and FRUSTRATIONS!!!
    Thanks fo rthe tip! Rex
  7. rick c

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    I don't use the Rotary Broach Holder. I use just the bit and chuck it in a 1/2" collet in the mill.No power needed just the down motion of the quill.

  8. rick c

    rick c Member


    I think you could use a drill press with a X Y table.

  9. McClellan Made Blades

    McClellan Made Blades Well-Known Member

    With using a X Y table, and that this uses a shearing motion, could an arbor press be used or something similar? Also, how much do these run? And how many sizes do they come in? What I have in mind I would need the shank to be smaller, where did you get yours from? Looks like there just might be hope left for me to make a decent hidden tang....hope is a good thing!
  10. Dan Pierson

    Dan Pierson Well-Known Member

    Thanks! That makes this sound much more doable.

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