Some updating on my Gen2 Folders

Discussion in 'Ed Caffrey, MS "The Montana Bladesmith"' started by EdCaffreyMS, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. EdCaffreyMS

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    Did a bit of updating to my Gen2 folders..... Changed the blade profile, changed the steel to 52100, redisigned the belt clip, and gave it a stone washed finish. (The old version is the top knife, and the updated version is the bottom knife)

    The Gen2 is a Titanium frame lock, with all titanium hardware. The stone washed finishes are coming nice! [​IMG]

    Both of these are spoken for....but I should have a couple more of the updated version ready next week. One will have a blade of 52100, and the other will be Damascus. They tend to go quickly, so if you're interested, contact me. (Chirstmas is coming......Just sayin!) [​IMG]

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    I like them both Ed.

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