Some Koa and copper

Daniel Macina

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Here is my latest. Knife making is maddening I test fitted everything a million times and during final glue up nothing came together quite like I wanted so there is a million little issues with this one but I’ll keep learning and trying I suppose.


4” blade

4 3/4” handle

Hawaiian Koa and copper bolster/pins.

Daniel Macina

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Forgot to get a good picture of the bolster transition. This isn’t a very good picture but it’s the only one I have. you can tell it’s kind of sloppy. 31AAFD21-6D0C-4E93-8E8C-688208195D42.png

Daniel Macina

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Good work, I like the shipping kit, tell me more about it!
Thank you! This isn’t how I normally do it I usually have a zippered case with my logo on it but my case guy didn’t get them finished in time. I picked up one of these medium hard sided cases from Harbor freight and put everything in there. I include a microfiber cloth, A bottle of EDCi (I will include the small bottles in the future just got a good deal on these big bottles)The pictured certificate of authenticity and a care sheet. I don’t have to ship this one asA lady at my dads church is giving it to her husband as a birthday gift Otherwise it wouldn’t be terribly practical to ship this way. Also need to tinker with the certificate of authenticity to get proportions right and I will also include some different info just haven’t had time to do it


Looks good Daniel. My computer couldn't load pictures right now. But in the second picture your plunge looks sharp. I like the Koa and copper, too.