Some frontiersman style gun leather.........


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While frontier sheaths and knives are my favorites, I make about three or four period holsters for every sheath I make so...


I took the pics at 3:00 AM so the bead colors are a bit off, but other than that caveat I hope ya'll enjoy the view..........

Bark tan for the main holsters with spots, beaded braintan cuffs, and double layer front fringe. Side fringe is beads, bone hairpipe, tin cones, and buffalo hair.....


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chuck those are beautiful,Dad(Mr sandy) says your one of the top 3 and he is right.

Sandy Morrissey

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Chuck, my son, bet you didn't know that gh1 was one of your adopted by me brothers, did you? I believe that I am collecting some of the finest talent in the business as my children. Your work has always made your old pappy PROUD---Sandy


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Thanks all - as I noted elsewhere - it's also nice to hear something nice - I blew a fourth disc in my low back about a month ago and the %$@#!*(!&%# pain has been bad even with some drugs and such....then there's been the heat in SW Colorado - most days have been 95-100° F for the last 6 weeks and at 7,000' that's HOT!
On top of that I had to partially rebuild one of these after mucking up the aging but I did save the beaded cuff!

Sandy - actually I did know he's now my "younger" brother and glad to see you're still kicking..

Terry - He has one of my heavily tacked belts he plans on using for this rig - I've been trying to talk him into wearing them as reverse draws - they would hang just right.

Here's a couple of pics of the belt and the pouch


IIRC there are about 500 tacks in that belt and the buckle in an antique..


and here's the botas that go with the rig...

The gent does an early 1870's Plainsman impression with heavy So. Cheyenne influence

Church & Son

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Awesome rig Chuck, try you some Bear Root Tea for that back. I think it grows in your part of the hills. It'll make you two-step......Randy


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The whole outfit looks great, well except the polished boots :^) I have a horse manure collection here, I'd be glad to part with any or all of it for those boots.

Serious, I love to see the period work you do.


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Thanks you all for your comments.

Randy - I've been dealing with my back for about 30 years now and after I finally "fired" all the doctors I switched to fixing mysel and use a lot of naturals and homepathic and some inlclude the bear root.

RC - I know all about manure and boots and saddles and - it sure does do a number on leather. Those are my wife's feet and I just cleaned up her packers a bit for the shot, but there are a couple of scuff marks left....

On top pf everything else "going worng" recently we are today dealing with a dead skunk that sprayed his life out just outside the house - wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't 100° out there......:sad: