SOG Trident Elite



Hello my name is Justin I am new to the forum and just starting to get into knives. Currently I am a student at West Virginia University, I am majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Management. I want to become a Fish Biologist when I graduate.

I have a SOG Trident Elite I'd like to trade. Its brand new with the box. It is an assisted open black tini plain edge with AUS 8 steel. I am interested in something that would hold up well being used on a boat or around water, I am getting a summer internship either with the WVDNR or a fish hatchery so I need something that would hold up well near water please email with pictures of what you have or offers. Thanks for looking! jcarp0632
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How about an intro before asking to do business. Kinda nice and polite to know who your dealing with. Fill out your profile. This might help you get a response.

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