SOG Flash 1 and 2 screwdrivers


Can anybody identify the proper screwdrivers for the pivot screws on the SOG Flash 1 and Flash 2? They look like little stars.


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Thats correct for the frame screws, but I think he wants the pivot size bud :)... my smallest torx fits it ,but doesnt have the number anymore,lol.


Yea, I am referring to the pivots. I think the Flash 2 knife uses a T 6 or T7. Frankly neither one works well. For the Flash 1 the screw is so damn tiny I can not tell at all. I contacted SOG and they responded:

We never use those little, little ones. T6 and the 5/64th allan head are
the only ones we use.

No way is the little pivot screw on the Flash 1 knife a T6 or T5. I tried both. They do not fit.

I do not like Torx screws. I would prefer they used a more standard screws, so adjustments can be easily made. For example I think the reason neither T6 or T7 works well on the Flash 2 is because I may have messed up the pivot screw in trying to figure out which bit to use.

The Flash 1 definitely needs tightening and I am surprised SOG email tech support was so lacking.


Well, I was wrong, both Flash 1 & 2 use T6 for the pivots. I was not familiar with Torx bits and I was going by the appearance of the little stars inside the pivots, and I was therefore trying to use the wrong sizes.

Another thing I find is that if you put a little piece of towel paper over the pivot hole and then slip the T6 screwdriver into the pivot then it fits like a glove. I saw someone on YouTube do this, he said it will help prevent stripping of the screw or the bit. Adjusting the pivots work much better with this little trick.