Ernie Swanson

Yeah its been a while, I have been dealing with my back. Had surgery and looking at another one, A double fusion this time. I had to stop making knives cause I cant really stand or sit at the grinder much. I have been doing a little trapping. Otherwise not a whole lot. Working part time and being bored mostly. I have started to build a couple of 1911's. My knifemaking had helped alot in the fitting and finishing of the guns.

I have lost a lot of my confidence in making for some reason. I did however refinish a knife for a friend. It was an old Boker that his granfather gave him. I burnt in a truck fire. The blade seemed fine so I cleaned it up and put my best piece of burl on it. I did it as a favor. He loves it!!!!

Justin King

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Welcome back, Ernie. I wandered away and found my way back about the same time you did. I'm sorry to hear about your back. The loss of confidence I think is natural when you're out of practice. Knifemaking is a feel thing as much as a logic thing so when the hands aren't engaged, and the mind tries to make sense of it on it's own, it's like trying to grab a handful of's there, but hard to get hold of.

What you have learned won't go away, when the time comes to pick it up again the hands will remember and the mind will clear.


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Good to hear from you Ernie! I understand about spine problems. I had neck surgery in October. I am just now getting back to knifemaking. I hope to see you around here.


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Heck Ernie, if your bored hang out here with us. Someone is always here with hot coffee.
Good to hear from you again. I was wondering what happened to you.
Building 1911's aint no cake walk. That's a skill I would love to have and my wife would hate.