So, Who's cross is it?

Raymond Richard

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I"m really disappointed since I see few of us posting and or starting any new threads. The only time something happens here in this forum is when someones ideas don't line up with ours then more people chyme in. I found myself doing the same a few months or weeks ago. This forum needs to be used by more people than just myself. I keep hearing the people are the church and if we are the Bride of Christ shouldn't we show some excitement in what we have in Christ? Maybe our lack of excitement is telling none believers we aren't any different than them. If we love Christ don't you think we should praise Him? Show some type of Joy that we are in the Family of God.

Anyone here every gone to a Revival? The closest thing I did to a so called Revival was sing in a mass choir years ago at a Billy Graham Crusade. Nice to see so many people excited for Jesus Christ. We really need to get excited about the Father and the Son...... I keep wanting to say Wake UP and lift up your Cross. Please don't just wait for someone else to do it.

I've spent the better part of a month in the Gospel of John. I keep reading anyone who prays and asks in the name of Jesus Christ will receive what it is he is praying for if you are praying for the right things. Pray for a Revival in yourself. Jesus says that the Father is in Him and that He is in the Father. This means if we believe in Jesus that we will have both the Father and the Son in Us. We need to use the free gift of the Holy Spirit to do God's Will.

Calvin Robinson

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Lack of participation here disappoints me also. I check in here three or four times a day but I rarely comment anymore because it looked like I was trying to dominate but I sure would like to see more Christians posting here. I find myself spending more time in bible study and talking one on one with my Christian friends and less time on forums like Knife Dogs.
Your recent post concerning Bible study was right on the money and good advice to all who are wanting to get more out of the Bible. I have encouraged people to read and study the Bible daily but that seems to fall on deaf ears . I know lots of Christians who rarely open a Bible and I just don't know how they endure this world without it. As I get older my appetite gets stronger for spiritual things. Knowing I can never learn it all in this life I still want to try and learn as much about God and His will , His word and His ways as possible. It's a great comfort to me to know how things are goin to eventually turn out when Christ returns to reign and rule on earth forever. Then and only then will there be peace on earth.
Merry Christmas y'all.
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Hello brothers in Christ. I wouldn't worry about the lack of participation in this subset of the forum. When I log in to knifedogs I'm here to get inspiration for knife making, not necessarily looking for spiritual inspiration. I also don't go to biblestudy to learn knife making. I think it's just one of those things where our passion for knives and our love of the Lord aren't necessarily related, at least on an Internet forum. In person though I could hang out in the shop and talk knives and Jesus all day. I don't post a lot on any forum, and rarely is it ever about my relationship with Christ. That may or may not be wrong of me, but I have yet to feel a conviction over it.

Raymond Richard

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Brandon, Thanks for your input. The older i get the more I forget that knifedogs is about knives and not saving souls. Can't we do both?

Bill Hubbell

More than once I have been challenged, encouraged, or stretched by the spiritual discussions here. And, I thank you guys that make that possible. It's one of the reasons I favor this forum over any others I've come across. I apologize for not contributing more. And, I deserve the rebuke you offered, Raymond. Thank you, brother.

Just as I very much appreciate the guidance I get here in the field of knifemaking, I also very much appreciate the spiritual 'iron-sharpening-iron' that takes place here. Please don't give up on this forum. I'll bet you'd be surprised how often God uses your input here.

We are by nature lazy and like to be spoon fed. -to our own detriment and sometimes to the detriment of the church (the body of Christ).
I seldom find topics of knife-making nature that I have much to contribute to, as I have so little experience (especially compared to the skill levels present here). I'd like to tell myself that is the same reason for my not contributing spiritual comments. However, I 'll bet it's got more to do with just being lazy and liking to be spoon fed- or maybe fear of saying something stupid. These are the same hurdles I face when it comes to sharing Christ period, aren't they?
At any rate, I am going to try to take part in this venue more, as I just realized that, much like our friends and loved ones, it is a blessing that could one day be gone. More than once, I have actually thanked the Lord for this forum. I have sometimes shared with my wife what a blessing it is. I also (again) thank all of you who make it possible. And, I would also encourage others here to think/pray about doing the same- chiming in with thoughts, struggles, spiritual insights, etc. If everyone doesn't feel led to do so- that's fine. But, I'll bet if taken to prayer, some will feel led to participate more.
In Christ,
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Ed of all trades

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Thank you for the post and don't ever think that this forum is not important. My wife and I take care of an autistic family member and have not been able to go to church for years. We still love The Lord and follow him daily and this forum Is important to us both. I often share it with her.
Whose cross is it? The thought that comes to my mind is, Whose cross was it? 2000 years ago it was my cross, mine and yours. Jesus did not need a cross for himself. He needed a cross for me and for you. I get to rapped up in daily life and forget how much that means. It means not only did He take my place but now I need to share his sacrifice with everyone around me and this is one place I can. Thanks again Raymond for the post. Ed