Snakewood scales needed

Dennis Morland

I am looking for a nice set of snakewood scales. 3/8 x 4 x 1.75 or larger. On the small size side. Would take a block that could be split. I have all kinds of handle material to trade. Stabilized and nonstabilized wood, buffalo horn, G10, elk rolls, etc. I'm sure we could arrange a fair deal. Send me a private message if you have any interest in a trade.

Kevin Zito

No problem. I have been having these for a while now and will eventually put em on something. I got them from a place called Ilse Woods on Amazon. They have always delivered as promised. Just give me a holler if I can help in any other way. LOL, probably the last 10 knives have all been made with wood that I got form you. I am finally just realizing the quality of stuff that you sent my way. Heck I still have some left!

We should make a new award next year for the pay-it-forward king. You are a shoe in.