smoky mountain knife works Damascus steec bars

Stu Mason

buyer beware!!!

I have just received two raindrop steel bars. I split the bar down the center and upon finishing the cut i checked the steel and i had a delimit! when grinding the blade you can see where the welds are not com-pleat I will be calling smoky mountain to see what they will do for me.
Stu Mason
I did not even know they sold bars so I went and looked. The price of that damascus tells me it is junk probably from India or Pakistan. I also noticed they do not tell you what the steel is. For a piece of damascus ·Measures 12-1/8" x 2-1/8" x 3/16" just my raw steel before spending propane and time to weld it cost more than the $19.99 they are asking for this raindrop damascus. I would suggest you buy quality damascus from known makers so you know what you are getting and they all stand behind their work.

They are a big company so I expect they will take care of you.

Good luck
Mike's's very likely that you have just experienced why we all warn people NOT to purchase "cheap" damascus. Although many hate to hear it, two indicators of quality damascus is the price (not cheap), and a listing of the SPECIFIC materials the damascus contains. The problem that you now face.....even if they do replace the billet for you, it's still likely going to be inferior material, and will at best produce a "wall hanger".
well that answers that. i actually saw the cheap damascus is the SMKW catalog last night. the cheap price screamed, buy me. but the lack of saying what steel it is and where it is from said stay away.
I check with SMKW and they will take back the steel unused but the one that I have found the flaws in they will not. the steel it is made with is 1095 and 302 live and learn.
1095 and 302?? YUK! I hate to see anyone selling something that they are not willing to it and individual or a company. It almost seems to me like they know what they are selling is likely worthless, and saying "buyer beware". Just my opinion, but that's no way to run a business.
Stu sorry to hear that and like Ed said 1095 and 302?? no good.

Being they won't stand behind their product when it is flawed and not your fault but it is theirs, I would never do business with them again and I would tell them that. JMHO
Stu, I told Wolf that it was probably junk. When we do up the Canister Billet with your dog's ashes, bring that damascus you have and maybe we can do something with it to save it.:20:
I seen the steel they sell. It is from overseas. You want a good steel for a good price. Go talk to Brad at Alabama Damascus.
I have cut dozen of his bars and never seen a void.
I seen the steel they sell. It is from overseas. You want a good steel for a good price. Go talk to Brad at Alabama Damascus.
I have cut dozen of his bars and never seen a void.

I haven't either Until Today!!! Luckily it was a small void and the hollow grind removed all of the material and it came out OK but it had me worried for a while.
I have had a couple of voids in Brad's Alabama Damascus (out of dozens of billets) but he has always taken care of it for me. He is a great guy to deal with.
Overseas damascus is likely man hole covers and shipping drums or pallet strapping,LOL.Seriously Ive heard they use whatever they can find as long as it will contrast.
smokey moutain knife works steel pics

here are pics of the steel that where in the center of the billet


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Stu looks like your making some stitching needles for your sheaths. It is a shame they will not replace that steel especially when the flaw is that bad.