Small Stag Bowie {Hidden tang #2}


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Here is my second try at a hidden tang. On this one I used a very nice popcorny piece of stag that I picked up at last years OKCA (Wish I had more!). The blade is Aldos 1095 with a nicely polished hamon. The collar is browned/antiqued mild steel. OAL is 9.5", with a 5" blade (tip to collar).
I just realised I didn't snap a pic of the front of the collar, but it is hammer textured as well.
I tried some different thing on it, and its not perfect, but overall I am pretty pleased with it.
Any and all comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks for looking.







Josh Dabney

Love everything you did with this one !

Only comment is, IMHO a browned steel buttcap would've been the finishing touch on it.

Beautiful work as always ! Can't wait to see hidden tang #3 :)


Steven Long

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Man o' man, I would love to carry that one around with me all day. Wonderful job!

I have to agree with Josh though. An antiqued butt cap would make it perfect and complete it.

I have to say that I think you nailed it!

Doug Humbarger

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Very nice. I like the browned guard a lot. I think that it would look real nice replicated in a tinner version on the end of the hilt/butt. The two would really play off each other well.
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Thanks cery much for the comments and critiques guys!!
I decided to go back and add a butt cap, I think it works pretty well.





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Very sweet knife and im not even a fan of stag!!

I have a question though (comes with being a newbie :)), wouldnt softer angles at the ricasso and plunge be 'better'?