Small Bowie

I haven't posted anything lately because I've mostly been making plain vanilla stuff. It aint fun or fancy but hey, it pays the bills. Got an order for something a little more interesting so I thought I'd see what y'all think.
440C, Stag, 416 fittings, with a coined Bronze spacer. 6 1/8" tip to guard, 1.5" wide, 5/32" thick @ Ricasso with a nice taper, & 10 3/4" OAL. 400X hand rubbed finish on the blade and mortised handle with domed pins. Balances right at the guard/spacer junction. Light and quick in the hand.


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Man, Darrin, that's a nice one! The finish looks flawless and I like the overall design. The coined spacer really sets it off. Expertly done, my friend.

Raymond Richard

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Darrin, I agree with everyone else about this being a very clean knife although to me it needs a false edge to really finish it off.