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Hey guys so i am not great with sheaths yet i have made a bunch of knives but only a couple kydex sheaths and 2 leather sheaths (but idk if the qualify as a sheath more like a "knife wrap" out of very thin leather)....i am at the point where i have enough confidence in my knives to start selling them but i need to figure out sheaths a lil better...i guess kydex i am ok at the sheath part but its the attachment i struggle with i have a couple people waiting for me to make them a blade but i know some will not want some will not want something like a tec lock my neighbor actually said he wants a plain belt clip like this one i decided to try it on one of my knives it was a big fail i could not figure out how to attach a clip like that without affecting how the knife "locks" in the sheath or just looking bad or probbilly scratching the hell out of the blade with more than a couple pulls.....anyone out there have a method of attaching a clip like this that works??? that is my main question right now but any advice in any type of sheath making i have a bunch of kydex and just got some leather i figure if i am going to sell a knife it needs a home and i am sure some customers like kydex some like leather so i do need to start getting better at this.....thanks guys

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awesome thanks man just watched the first one going to watch the rest tonight one thing mentioned in the first is making sure the spine of the knife is right up agenst the fold of the kydex this is always a problem for me i always have to go back and fix it with a heat gun and sometimes the oven again is there any trick to getting this right on the first shot???