Shadow Pattern with File Work

Johnny Roberts

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Finished this shadow pattern up last weekend. This one was for someone special so I added a bit of vine file work. I am doing my file work a bit differently now after watching Dwayne Dushane at a Hammer-In.

Great walk and talk with a pull of about 6 out of 10.

Black G10 with stainless liners and pins and ATS -34 blade (RC 59) and Spring (RC 48) with a satin finish.

3 5/8 closed and 6 5/16 open and flush at all three stops.

Thanks for looking.

Denny Eller

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Johnny, you made yourself a winner with this one. I think the filework is great and a great idea, too.

BossDog & Owner
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that's pretty clean file work Johnny. I like the liner relief. That's a nice touch.

Johnny Roberts

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Thanks for the comments, guys. As always, they are very motivational for me to get back in the shop and try another one.

I am really enjoying making the slip joints and the shadow patterns are my current favorite.

Frank, from my experience, a shadow pattern is just a folding knife without bolsters. The handle material that I am using is G10, G11 and various micartas that I think would work with just a pin. But to add strength, I use a technique similar to a tutorial posted by K R Johnson about using washers in a sodbuster. What he posted was real helpful and got me headed down this path.

I sincerely appreciate the posts on the file work. It still makes me nervous to take a file to a blade and spring that are completely ready for heat treat. I have to triple measure everything and even then some end up in what I call my "Big Box of Mistakes".


Don Robinson

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Absolutely beautiful work all around, Johnny!

I know exactly what you mean about starting filework. Should I gamble on it, or not? Mine never turns out nearly as well as yours,though.


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Mighty Nice Mr. Roberts.
File work looks good, adds a bit of something (compliment of your choice here) to the knife.


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Went by johnny's todayand got to play with this one in person.What a nice little knife,fit and finish are great,agood stiff pull but not a nail breaker,with good walk and talk.Alla round great job.