Seven Years Later!


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I'm pretty sure that last one I made was seven years ago. Its been a long time coming, but as always, necessity is the mother of invention - or something like that. Heck, I don't even know if that saying really applies to this or not. One thing is for certain that with God's help I'll be back in the game. A week ago, I lost my job.

So instead of searching for another job, my wife told me to take some time off and consider making knives again.

Easier said than done, especially with no equipment, but I did manage to uncover a 1095 bowie blade that I had all clay quenched and tempered. So now I'm going to finish it and see what I can come up with for a price to sell it.

All I really need to do is keep my truck paid for, and The Missus will handle the rest - God bless her! So thus begins the quest to get my equipment back!

PS: I'll post a pic of the blade in a couple days. Waiting for some decent sandpaper that I ordered. :1: