Serving the Lord

Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
I went to Pat's funeral on Thursday and it was nothing like anything I have been to before. Just inside the church door was a table full of copies of the two books Pat wrote and a sign "Please take one, this is Pat's last gift to you" Pam (Pat's wife) knew he would want everyone who supported his ministry in prayer or financially to have something to thank them. There were a number of people who shared the memories of Pat and one really struck me. Pat used to farm goats as a hobby before he went into the mission field, and he gave a goat to friends of his who were unbelievers at the time. Years later (after the became saved and are missionary's themselves) they were talking about this goat and Pat said she was his favorite. Pat could have given any goat that he had but he chose the best he had.

This Sunday my pastor was preaching on Cane and Able. He felt that Able brought his best before the Lord and God was pleased with his offering, however Cane brought his offering out of duty. Cane's offering was rejected by God because his heart was not right. God wants us to serve him out of love not obligation. I sat in my chair regretting my attitude over the past week thinking about the times I gave "just enough" and no where near my best. I would encourage everyone to think about the quality of what they are giving to the Lord not the quantity.