Sentimental knife for mom

wall e

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I know the amount of time I put into cutting and grinding this knife, I could have made two blades from annealed steel.
With that said I made a planer blade knife for my mom just like my grandfather would have. He made her one years ago and it was lost in the house fire.
So Iade her a replacement with a bit of my own artistic additions.
The knife is made from
D2 planer blade steel and a piece of old discarded ugly oak I found walking around her new property.
Copper,HDPE and,leather spacers with a copper guard


Wayne Bensinger

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Nice work Walt, keep up the good work. Seams you've been finding more time to work on your knives lately, I've been seeing a lot of posts from your camp! Thanks for showing.


wall e

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Thanks Wayne, I was off work for 6 weeks ( surgery for bone spurs in my ankle) and off my foot for 2 days so I had alot of sit and sand time on my hands. I spent the two days doodling new to me designs and planning what to do next when I got the ok to wean myself back on to my foot.
It seems I always have a knife in one stage or another of work to complete. Most hobbyists have similar situations right? Work on it till the groove fades then set it aside and shape the next one to go.

Frank Niro

Well, Walt, that same system is pretty much what I use. I usually have 10 or more on the go. The good part is the longer I leave one the more I want to go back to it to finish, so that does work for me.