Segal Style Chopper


Wanted to make a knife for a wedding gift for my brother who doesn't hunt but eats nearly as much as I do so made the Segal-inspired kitchen chopper for him. Blade is 6.5" and .225 thick 440C RC62 cold treated and file worked, buckeye burl and blackwood scales, ss corby's and mosaic pin. I have more admiration for Laurence's knives now as these big flat grinds are a bear! All comments welcome. Paul



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I've been told imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! Nice looking kitchen knife you have made for your friend and I agree that FFGs take a bit of work but the results are truly worth it when it comes to making an efficient chopping/Slicing culinary knife. They work well as a camp cook blade too so making Saya's and sheaths for them are a great idea.

Thanks for the mention.