Seeking results for 1080+/ 80CRV2

Shane Wink

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Does anyone want to give their experiences with this steel and how they would compare it to 1080, 1084 or 5160? Could you also give your equipment and the Rc you believe it to be? I am asking because I have some 1/4 stock that I plan to forge into some camp choppers and a machete or two and am curious to hear feed back on it. It was promoted to me as 5160 on steroids so I said I would try it out however having never worked with the steel I am looking for some solid answers concerning it.

If you would rather not post your results or feelings on it PM me and I will be glad to call and talk about it.



Bruce Bump

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what kind of steel? I've not heard of the 80CRV2
It must be an additive to plain old 1080, if so I would quench after a 5 minute soak at 1500f with Parks 50 and temper for an hour at 395f and test the hardness. It should be 60 rc
I hope this helps


I have an app on my phone called Knife Steel Compositions ( and one for heat treating) it lists the 80crv2 as C: 0.75-0.85 V: 0.15-0.25 Cr: 0.40-0.60 Sounds like it would make a strong blade that would take a sharp edge but I don't think it would hold it too sharp for long. But I could be wrong :9:


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Aldo started carrying it a few months back, and it is virtually the same as the 1080+ Alpha carries. I've heard good things about it, but haven't tried it yet. 1080, but with vanadium and chromium carbides, what's not to like about that?

J. Doyle

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It is the toughest steel I've ever personally worked with. Right out of the quench with no temper cycles whatsoever, it is VERY difficult to break. Very fine grain too.

It is really not like 1080 at all and shouldn't be treated as such. It's 5160 with a lot more carbon and some vanadium added.

The blades I've made from it were on par or above 1095 in initial edge holding before they lost that hair shaving edge. But it was the sharp working edges afterwords that impressed me the most. The sharp working edge holds for a very long time after the hair shaving edge is gone.

This steel will continue to get my attention and continued research and testing.

Shane Wink

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Bruce I have a piece I would be glad to send you. Its a drop off of a short sword I am attempting. 2" wide 1/4" thick 6" long.

Chuck at alpha confirmed its the exact same steel but the 80crv2 is the Chinese listing and some were turned off by that so it is being called 1080+ now. I have seen where it has been called L2 as well but mete says that is incorrect. It maybe I dont know.

Aldo promoted the steel to me and I decided to try it for a chopper project which eventually turned into me finally attempting to make a sword. What I have heard about the steel is reflected in what John said so for a bush-ziki and some other chopper projects I believe it will do well. As far as price goes its 2 bucks more over 5160 in the same dimensions so cost is not an issue nor is availability.

I do plan to make some coupons and have them tested. I have been studying the process for making the sowrd for a couple years now and have a few recommended books but the process will still be new so it will take me a bit to find the right geometry and Rc for the sword but being as tough as it is I am hoping to be able to have a higher Rc value to increase the wear resistance than I would if it were 5160.