Scimitar help.

J. Hoffman

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I've been wanting to make a Scimitar for awhile now. I drew a pattern for what I thought it should be, and ended up with a 12" blade 1-1/4" high. I was planning on using .100 stock. I had a friend that does professional BBQ bring his Scimitar over to compare to my drawing. His is 14" long but he said it's almost too long and he would prefer a 12". I was surprised at the height of the blade 1-3/4" and the thickness was .130.
My question is, is there a reason for extra height? Any reason a decent Scimitar can't be 1-1/4" and thinner material? Any help or suggestions are welcome.

Andre Grobler

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Well I am necro threading today, the Scimitar is flat near the heel of the blade, that is for chopping / cleaving, so the thicker stock and the extra height is for strength and knuckle space, it is not a heavy cleaver, but must withstand a little torgue going through joints... and also a bit of weight... you can taper the thickness from the belly forward for slicing. I have one that is between scimitar and butcher and english chef, and it is about 2.5" at the heel... mine is thicker stock, but thinner edge than is the norm. This is just my perceptions from watching a few videos of their use...