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Could someone tell me ot course I know it will be their opinion but where is the Best place to buy the rubber wheels I don’t know if they call them contact weels or not but I am looking for the 2 inch wheels that Will go on my no weld grinder
The ones that go on the top and bottom of my flat Platten not sure that most will believe me and of course this maybe normal but I have Not changed these weirdosm not changed these wheels since I made the grinder which is been probably 10 years ago needless to say these wheels are getting in bad shape and they need to be changed
Hope someone can help me out

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Keith Willis
Sunray is a good source. You have to tell them eveything that you want though. Diameter, Bearing size, width, Durameter for the rubber etc... good thing is they are reaonable and was told on good authority when the rubber wears out they will recover them for a small fee. I bought an AMK 12" serrated wheel which was reasonable $129 and free shipping. I don't think they make small wheels though? But you can check out their site AMK Tactical, I know that USA Knife Maker has some too.
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Keith SunRay, predominately makes wheels for conveyers and such and they have a polyurethane outer. However a few years ago several blade makers began to make requests and they have begun to do a line of contact wheels and to my knowledge the can do a wheel of any size. I don't have a clue what they cost but there is a contact area on their site and they are good about contacting you back!!
I have seen the 2" on eBay but can't remember if I saw the rubber covered ones.

I recently had a problem with my custom platen and I used a 2 1/2" and a 1 1/4" wheel on it. Well I figured out my problem was one of the wheels. The bolt that holding one of the wheels, was tapped slightly off so I bit the bulled and bought a new C frame for the platen.

I still have to buy the contact wheels but have it from another maker that this guy is good! Can't find the link but, will keep looking and when I do I will post it!!

EDIT: I went back looking and finally found the link!
Also under that post is other items viewed who viewed this post! I noticed some 2"contact wheels that I will bet are from SunRay. If they are something you are looking for I would contact SunRay as you might be able to beat his price. Unless he ordered 50 at a time, for a discount!!
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Just FYI, Sunray has a minimum $100 order if I'm not mistaken, so you may be better off with the OBM wheels. Sunray may be able to make a 2" wheel for less than $40, but you'd still have to buy $100 worth.

You might contact OBM and see if he'll give you a break on shipping a pair.
Andrew, is the man the turned me onto the Ebay site. He is definitely cheaper than the KMG site and if I am remember correctly Andrew told me had ran a set for years now from the Ebay guy!!
Who is Andrew. I'm thinking of getting a combination platen with a 4" and 2" wheel and I've been looking for a place for wheels. Hence me finding out about my suggestions.
I'm Andrew. :)
I might have recommended the VWJackStraw wheels, IIRC, though OBM makes some good wheels too. I've had wheels from KMG, OBM and VWJackStraw (who goes by another name elsewhere, but it escapes me for the moment), and the VWJackStraw wheels are my favorite. The wheels I've recommended in the past, however, were all aluminum. I only found out tonight that OBM sells poly wheels.
Ameribrade also sells rubber wheels, which I believe are produced overseas, but get good reviews and come at a reasonable price. Their 2" wheels run around $40, and I think a 4" is about $75.