Ronin tanto - A new design


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Hey friends! A while back I sat down and wanted to design a new Tanto model. My previous versions have had a straighter profile with a gentler curve to the tip.
With this one I was inspired by the tanto master himself Mr. Bob Lum. I am by no means comparing my work to his, but just giving credit where it is due.
The Blade is Hand rubbed CPM 3V. It has a nice distal taper in the front 1/2" of the blade and is .290" at the guard. The balance point is right on the ricasso. It feels very quick in hand. The guard is Titanium with a multi anodized/textured finish and the spacer and menuki are hammered copper.

I made a nice little copper belt stud for the Bison front, hand stitched sheath.
(Pretty happy with these pictures too!) ;)

This one will be going with me to the Gathering in Vegas at the beginning of next month.

Any and all comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!


wall e

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Ben it looks sooo much better on here than on IG. My newb question is the grooves are machined out correct? The color for the ti anodize is a great breakup of light to contrast for the black,grey etch and dark copper. Great looking tanto.

Brad Lilly

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I really like the look of your knives. I'm too much of a redneck to appreciate the japanese touches but I certainly like quality craftsmanship.