rodent damage under the hood...


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My truck just sits at home as I drive a company truck. I start and let it run for 10-15 min. every 4-5 days.
so today I start it up and start smelling gas, I thought, man that things running rich! but it got stronger then I knew something was going on, I shut it off, looked under the hood, didn't see anything.
looked under the truck and holy crap gas is pouring down from the tank. it was dark but I could see it was spraying the bed above the tank.
Soooo, I got squirrels all over, I'm thinking the got up there and chewed threw a line.

It's spraying so bad I don't think it's safe to drive to the dealer, I have to have it towed.
I use a water bottle with holes in it filled with moth balls under the hood of my tractor in the woods for flying squirrels and that seems to work for them anyhow. anybody ever have this problem.....I know somebody has..:mad:

Sean Jones

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I've heard of this before. The electrical insulation on newer vehicles is made from soy beans, which evidently squirrels and other small rodents like. I'm thinking your gas line is similar, or at least the covering is.

You might consider a cat. Or the mothballs like you are using for your tractor.
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Daniel Macina

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I feel ya man! I live out in the country and rats chew up EVERYTHING! We've tryied moth balls, peppermint oil, dryer sheets and nothing seems to do it. You name it we've tried it!