RIP Hammer


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Today, I had to say Goodbye to my once in a lifetime dog...... Hammer. We had 14 1/2 great years together.... best Duck Dog, and Best Buddy a guy could ever hope for. The shop seems a little empty without him. Those who have been to my shop, and have met Hammer, know he was something special, and he will be dearly missed.


John Wilson

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I'm so sorry. Animals become part of our family, especially dogs. I loved all my dogs, but there are a two in my lifetime that really stood apart from the rest so I know how you feel.


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I know how the loss of a beloved pet can be. You gave him the best years and he returned your love and affection many times over. Pets are family.


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Sorry for your loss Ed. I had a black lab named ruger for 14.5 years, his last year I was giving him glucosomine for his joints.
I don't have any kids or other pets so it was especially difficult to lose him.


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Sorry to hear Ed! I had a Chcolate Lab named Brutis that I had for 16-1/2 years. Smartest dog with a personality to match that I ever had. Great Dog, still miss him.

C Craft

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Sorry for your loss, Ed. When I lost my last one I sometimes heard him at night, or at least I thought I did for a long time!! They are as much family as family can be and sometimes more loved!!
Ed - Sorry to hear about Hammer. Sending heart felt condolences to the family for your loss. Although I knew the time was coming, I'm grateful that I got to spend some time with him. When we were working in the shop, it seemed that I had two Mastersmiths watching over my shoulder to make sure I did things right. Give Blade a treat for me.