Ty Adams

After the move back in February work has been really busy so shop time has been nonexistent. I need to make a knife. Time has been in short supply so I decided to try and save a knife that was destined for for the scrap pile because the pin locations are off. It still needs some clean up (scratch removal and some left over epoxy!) but over all I'm happy with the results.

1084 and spalted curly maple.
It sure does feel.good to be back in the shop.

Austin Thrasher

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Looks great man! I know what ya mean about not getting much shop time. I’m still trying to get my new shop finished up and it’s been slow going and I’ve got the itch to get back at it so bad I can’t hardly stand it lol


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A beautiful knife Ty. Glad to see you getting some shop time. I always enjoy your posts and pictures.