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NEW RULE! You have to mention Janik somehow in your reply!
carry on...

(NOTE: We just discovered a bit of a mix up on the samples meant for the giveaway and the product meant to be our store stock. We will be correcting the number of items in this giveaway in the day or so. Plenty to give away, carry on. We'll get it all sorted out and let you know.)

Resinwood is a man made material that is a wood pulp form of paper that is impregnated with resin and cured. Thin sheets of this material is stacked and bonded under heat and pressure to form "boards". Think of how tough resin impregnated Plywood is compared to "plain wood" and you will get an idea of how durable this material is.

ResinWood is:

  • NSF - safe for food contact
  • FSC - from pulp from FSC certified US Forest
  • Dense and non-porus
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Develops a rich, warm patina over time
  • no VOCS during grinding

TIP: Like many materials, this material can scorch easily using high speed on your sander or with a dull belt. Use a slower speed and/or sharp belt when grinding.

The manufacture has been working on new colors and sizes.

We think this material is nice stuff and not well known enough so we are going to give some away.

Same rules as our other giveaways but here are the basics:
1. You need to (eventually) make a knife with these scales and post a picture of it.
2. Your reply is your entry. One per day please. Clever replies are awarded points for style.​
(Points for style do not help you win. You just be stylin)
3. We will use several Pick 3 daily lotteries to select winners based on the message reply number. We will post those Pick 3 sources and numbers to keep this all transparent. We now use several daily Pick 3 lottery numbers to speed things along.
(Beth doesn't like it when these drag out for a couple months.)
4. We will allow a couple weeks to build up reply entries here and then start selecting winners one 11/26/2013 and keep selecting daily until all the Resinwood scale samples are given away.
5. If you buy a pair of scales and then win a set later, we will refund you or send you your winning booty, your choice.
6. Thanks to GrayCloud Designs, manufactures of Resinwood, to sponsor this give away. Any support for their product would be appreciated.
7. If you are an International winner, you will be responsible for the shipping.

We have 39 sets of scales to give away.

Winners that get back to use will get choice of remaining samples. We will email/PM you if you win. Those that reply quick, get a better selection.

If you select the 1/8" option, you will receive 2 sets of your choice.

-ARCustomKnives (1/4" Ebony)

-TASelf (3/8" Black & Tan)
-Freds Edge (1/4" Black & Tan)
-Pelalito (3/8" Ebony)
-Sagebrush Blades (3/8" Ebony)
-Mr. Svinarich (3/8" Ebony)
-Tactically Sharp (1/4" Black & Tan)
-cnccutter (3/8" Redline)
-LlamaHerder (3/8" Redline)
-KCorn (1/4" Ebony)
-AJHKnives (1/8" Ebony/1/8" Wheat)
-Rudy Joly (3/8" Ebony)
-BrianAMeyer (1/4" Ebony)
-N.N. (2 - 1/8" Ebony)
-Darrin Sanders (1/4" Ebony)
-akey (1/4" Wheat)
-Mark Behnke (3/8" Wheat)
-dereklee (3/8" Camo)
-ironarmknives (3/8" Camo)
-Silversage (3/8" Wheat)
-Roger (3/8" Camo)
-NJSticker (3/8" Wheat)
-Bruce Gregory (1/8" wheat & )
-Rock (3/8" Redline)
-Oleblood (3/8" black & tan)
-Lagrange (1/4" Black & Tan)
-millejn3 (3/8" Wheat)
-doug adams (3/8" camo)
-ARKnives (1/4" Black & tan)
-J. Hoffman (1/4" wheat)

Need to make their selection:
Shane Wink
Archer Moon

Currently Available Resinwood

Sets thickness and color
1 – 3/8” Black & Tan

1 – 3/8” Redline

1 -1/8" Ebony

2 – ¼” Wheat
2 -1/8" Wheat


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Mark Behnke

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I be win'n , sure as u be grinn'n

We be stylin' w/ points I'm pile'n

Posts like mine will keep u cry'n
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I'm in!

Thanks Tracy.
I have worked this stuff in the past and I want to tell you guys that you need fresh sharp belts to work it without burning.

Rudy Joly

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Does this come in blocks also ? A customer saw a set of wheat scales I have and asked if I could do a hidden tang with that material.



WOW, You doing it again!!! Free stuff, and I'm in. This is great. Soon I'll be starting up again and this would make a great handle for a knife I have in mind that I started 5 months ago. My first dagger.