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Sean Jones

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I just changed my profile name from DropPoint to my actual name and thought it would be appropriate to re-introduce myself. Many things have changed in my life since I joined here almost eight years ago. I recently took an early retirement from the corporate IT world to take care of my wife. She has had a long recovery from a serious surgery last spring, and has some other ailments that slow her down. And while she still has her bad days she is getting better daily. Thus I'm hoping to have more time to devote to knife making.

I really appreciate this forum and hope to contribute more as time goes on.


Hi Sean...thanks for the reintroduction! If you have pics of knives you built before life added challenges to your family...we'll still oooh and ahhh even if they weren't built this year!

Sean Jones

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Thanks guys. Ted I wouldn't say any of the knives I've made so far are any to ooh and ahhh over, however I will post photos of the ones I have shortly.

Sean Jones

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Okay. As you can see I haven't done much at all over the years. I have about five times this number that somewhat resemble knife shaped objects in my junk pile. Let's just say I'm a slow learner. :)

From the left is a fishing knife with a 6" 1095 blade and rosewood and oak handles. I've posted this one before on here a number of years ago.

The middle one I did a few years back when I had a lull in my proverbial 60-70 hour week at my job. It's 1095 also. OAL is 8.5 inches with a 4 inch blade. The handle material is black and white ebony. The pins are carbon fiber. I really like how this turned out accept I made an error in the handle steel which you can see in the second photo. I attempted to taper the tang and messed up so the wood didn't lay flat correctly. However the heat treat turned out spot on and I've used it a number times. It takes a really wicked edge.

The one on the right I've been working on this year when I've had time. It's made out of O-1. The handle is purple Kirinite from USAknifemaker. Pins are carbon fiber again. It's for my wife as a Christmas gift. She picked out the handle material and I made the handle considerably smaller than normal as she has very small hands. I'm not too sure about the heat treat on this one. I have just a small coffee can forge with MAPP gas that I used with this knife. Since it will be used in the kitchen I'm hoping it will be OK.
I still need to finish the clean up and sharpen it.

There we go. That's it.
IMG_20181210_1323379 (2).jpg
IMG_20181210_1324283 (2).jpg
IMG_20181210_1324190 (2).jpg
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Greetings, Sean, from a little further south in Cedar City. Thanks for taking the time to share your work. Your knives look very nice and functional. Good luck in your retirement and I wish your wife the very best.