Red Oak burl


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I told a tree cutter friend of mine that I wanted any burl wood he could come across. He brought me a red oak burl piece that looked great and weighed about 5 lbs. I said GREAT...

Two weeks later, he brought me some red oak burl. 4 pieces. Total weight---over 225 lbs. If anyone wants to come get it, it's yours. It's been seasoning for a year now.

The only thing I ask is a piece big enough to make my friend a knife when you get it cut. FREE TO A GOOD HOME...(If anyone is interested, I will take pics)


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Location? Can't see it on my phone.

Sure be nice if someone would offer to cut it and share :)

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Thanks for the oak burl, I got it home and cut a few slabs off for you. I will put them in the mail. As I get deeper into the big piece I may find something even better to send you.



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Great looking knife and handle Dan. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened the box you set me with pieces of Red Oak Burl you cut and sent me. BEAUTIFUL.... Thanks again. You are still welcome to get some more any time you want it.